Brian Solis_Digital Anthropologist_Episode-23

Where to start with Brian…” – I’m sure that’s a phrase his parents have used many times over the years.  Brian Solis is a global standard bearer for the digital age.  He is a successful company founder, a bestselling author, an outstanding interviewer (see his Revolution series on Youtube), has been recognized as the top blogger globally not once but twice, is one of the most sought after speakers in the world; I think you get the point.

Brian’s day job, if there is such a thing, is as the principal analyst at Altimeter Group focusing on digital strategy.   He focuses on the intersection points of digital and people to determine what effects social media and technology have on individuals and businesses to drive digital strategies and engagements.

And he is a really nice guy.

Ghela Boskovich_FemTech Evangelist_Episode-22

“They have a big personality” is a phrase that 100% applies to Ghela Boskovich.  You can also add a big heart, sharp intellect, caring friend…  you get the point.  Ghela is the ying-to-my-yang when it comes to the project and is one of my favorite folks in the FinTech community.

And she owns about a million killer black dresses.

John Waupsh_Innovator, Author, Smart-Ass_Episode-21

One my favorite activities at FinTech conferences is to sit through presentations and try to out smart-ass John Waupsh’s posts on Twitter.  I normally lose this battle by the way.  John is the Chief Innovation Officer at Kasasa and is also the author of Bankruption, one of my personal favorite books on the impact of technology on Community Banking.

And he wears really, really cool tennis shoes.

Sophie Guibaud_Global Citizen_Episode-20

What does it take to take launch a Neo Bank such as Fidor into new markets?  It certainly helps to have a global citizen such as Sophie Guibaud.  Sophie has lived in 5 different countries over the past decade or so, is fluent in 3 different languages, and is no stranger to start-up life.  She understands the challenges and nuances of launching a product in a new geography while staying true to the core vision and goals of the company.  And, oh yeah, she loves scuba diving.


Sebastien Meunier_The Trend Spotter_Episode-19

“What’s next?” is one of my personal favorite tag lines came from the character of President Bartlett in The West Wing.  I imagine this thought is constantly running through the mind of Sebastien Meunier’s from the consulting firm Chappuis Halder & Company.  He is considered to be an active thought leader on everything from blockchain use cases for Financial Services to InsurTech.

And he speaks at least 5 different languages and is learning Mandarin.  We need to find him another hobby.

Leda Glyptis_Digital Disruption Devotee _Episode-18

One of the greatest challenges in business is to be both a thought leader and someone who can actually implement real change.  Leda Glyptis fits into this narrow field.  She is a self described digital dreamer; but is also a digital implementer who has successfully led innovation and digital transformation efforts at BNY Mellon and Sapient.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with and interview Leda before for my project.  The full interview can be found in the link below.

Leda Glyptis PhD

Bradley Leimer_Discerning Technologist_Episode-17

You know that one person that everyone seems to know, that no one has anything bad to say about, and who seems to know something about every topic in a given field?  This perfectly sums up my good friend Brad Leimer, the Head of FinTech Strategy for Santander Innovation.  Some of my most memorable one-on-one conversations have been with Brad.  This definitely comes across in this interview as does my admiration and love for this guy.

Brad’s blog, Discerning Technologist, is a must read as is his most popular post in American Banker on The Great Rebundling of Financial Services.

Marta Krupińska_Perpetual Expat_Episode-16

The first thing you realize in speaking with Marta Krupińska, the co-founder of the international remittance company Azimo, is her passion for her company and it’s mission.  The second thing you realize is she has, thankfully, no filter.  If you ask a question, any question; she will provide a refreshingly frank and honest opinion on the topic.  So this is your warning.  Some graphic language is used during this interview.

ping-pongAnd yes, Azimo does have a ping pong table in their office that is located over a karaoke bar in London.





The picture in the Azimo office I reference during the interview.

EDITORIAL NOTE:  During my interview I stated President-Elect Trump proposed a 35% tax levy against money transfers to Mexico to support building a border wall.  This is incorrect.  President-Elect Trump’s proposal was to ban remittances to Mexico until the Mexican government paid a one-time payment to support building the wall.  Full details of the proposal can be found here.


Neff Hudson_The Contrarian_ Episode-15

How many people do you know that have spent their entire professional career with one company and yet are considered a ‘disruptor’?  Meet Neff Hudson from USAA.  Not only does Neff have the coolest name in banking, he is also one of the coolest people in banking – thus the title of ‘The Contrarian’.   He is one of those hidden gems in the executive ranks of banking; someone who truly understands the complexities of banking and technology but is also a strong advocate for digital product adoption.

Jane Barrat _The Confidence Builder_ Episode-14

Jane Barrat believes there is a smart investor in everyone, and those that invest build wealth.  She also knows that investing can feel intimidating and overwhelming, especially for those that feel like they don’t have the means to invest meaningfully. So, to change that, she started Gold Bean, a series of tools to help people start with just a small sum, and build from there, removing the fear and opacity and worry that the beginner investor feels.