Danielle Guzman_The Strategic Marketer_Episode 83

This one is simple.  If you have any interest in marketing and/or insurance, then you should be following Danielle Guzman.  Danielle the global solutions marketing leader for Mercer.   She has over 20 years of experience as an insurance marketer and is quickly  becoming one of the top voices in the space. She was recently ranked #2 in the InsTech Power 100 leader board and #5 in the Women in Finance 100.

Jennifer Tescher_Financial Health Innovator_Episode 82


Jennifer Tescher is the founder, president and CEO of the Center for Financial Services Innovation.  That’s CFSI.  Not CSFI as I, in my perpetual ADHD state, consistently call it.  Call it whatever you want, what really matters is the influence the organization and Jennifer has had over the past fifteen years or so.  There are few organizations and CEOs as dedicated to improving the financial health of consumers as Jennifer and CFSI.

Steve McLaughlin_The Dealmaker_Episode 81

“We were fintech before there was fintech!”  I hear this claim all the time and it usually is BS.  Not so with Steve McLaughlin, the founder of FT Partners.  Steve left a successful career at Goldman Sachs, where he led what today would be called an internal fintech team, and started FT Partners back in 2002.  For the past decade and a half FT Partners, an investment banking firm focused exclusively on the financial technology sector, has been recognized as one of the top firms to partner with.


Gemma Godfrey_The Money Guru_Episode 80

I’m not sure what’s left for Gemma to accomplish in her career.  She is a successful company founder (her company Moola just launched as we were doing the interview), has a new show on “Eat, Shop, Save” on ITV, has been an advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger on The New Celebrity Apprentice, has a degree in quantum physics, and the list goes on and on.

And she was a lot of fun to interview.  A true renaissance woman.

Norris Koppel_Banking Migrants_Episode 79

I first learned about Monese, the company founded by serial entrepreneur Norris Koppel in an article profiling the company and Norris in TechCrunch back in 2016.  I immediately reached out to Norris and invited him as a guest on the Breaking Banks podcast.  I love everything about the company, especially because I lived through the experience of attempting to setup my financial life when I was an expat in the UK back in 2006.  It ain’t easy folks…

Dave Birch_Everyone’s Favorite Uncle_Episode 78

I love Dave. Seriously, I absolutely love this man.  Why, you may ask?  Because he is one of the funniest, brightest, sarcastic, dry-witted, and pleasant people I know.  Probably most important, Dave is able to hold my attention when he presents on topics as complicated as distributed ledgers by explaining the impact of sensors and distributed ledgers with respect to one’s undergarments.  Seriously, he’s done that.

Oh yeah, Dave’s also the Director of Innovation for Consultant Hyperion.

Conny Dorrestijn_The Insider_Episode 77

Conny’s been involved in payments, insurance, and marketing for over 25 years.   She has run startups such as Clear2Pay, which ultimately was acquired by FIS where she is currently VP Global Payments Marketing.  Conny has also organized multiple conferences and is an outspoken supporter of women in technology.


Bryan Claggett_FinTech Funny Man_Episode 76

Bryan Claggett is the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Collaboration Officer (great title) at Geezeo, a successful U.S.  banking PFM solution company.  He is a highly respected SME when it comes to fintech and marketing/communication.

But more importantly,  Bryan is the funniest man I know if fintech (sorry Ron Shevlin, you run a close second).  Bryan’s posts across all social media channels continue to crack me up on a daily basis.  He is the master of the Instagram post and proves you don’t need words to be funny.

Katryna Dow_Digital Rights Evangelist_Episode 75

I’ve been friends with Katryna “digitally” now for several years.  Few have her passion when it comes to an individual’s digital identity and the challenges facing us in the digital age.  Katryna has focused this particular passion into Meeco, the company she founded in 2012.

This isn’t the first time I’ve interviewed Katryna either.  During our interview for the www.femtechleaders.com series she stood under an umbrella in the driving London rain and wind; and despite these conditions she spoke with me for almost thirty minutes.  Told you; her passion for digital identity shines through.

Katryna Dow

Michael Kent _Remittance Reimaginer_Episode 74

I’m a big fan of Azimo, the international remittance company founded by Michael.  I’ve been to their office in north London (in Islington, not from from my favorite football club in the world), have already interviewed his company partner Marta Krupinska for FinTech5, and they even partnered with Arsenal legend Kanu as a spokesman for their company.  What isn’t there to love about Azimo?

Michael & Marta with Arsenal Invincible legend Kanu.