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Conny Dorrestijn_The Insider_Episode 77

Conny’s been involved in payments, insurance, and marketing for over 25 years.   She has run startups such as Clear2Pay, which ultimately was acquired by FIS where she is currently VP Global Payments Marketing.  Conny has also organized multiple conferences and is an outspoken supporter of women in technology.


Ben Milne_Node Master_Episode 64

I love it when a company founder consistently blogs. Brad Feld, the tech founder legend, has been doing this for decades.  Likewise, so has Ben Milne.  Reading someones thoughts and insights, especially around creating, pivoting, and running a FinTech company is better than any reality show on TV.

Ben founded Dwolla way back in December of 2009.  That’s the equivalent of 50 years in FinTech time.  He is a sought after speaker on the FI circuit and a respected thought leader in the space.

His wife Jami is also a talented powerhouse.  She is an accomplished photographer who is well know for her work in Des Moines’ art scene.

James Wester_The Analysts’ Analyst_Episode-40

You know that really anal, detailed oriented (borderline OCD) friend you have that has the patience to read through and analyze every word and nuance of a white paper or article?  Meet my good friend James Wester, Research Director, for Worldwide Payment Strategies, IDC.  All kidding aside, James is perfect for this type of position.  He does have the patience and subject matter knowledge to call BS on the FinTech & Payments industry when we (okay – me) over hype a give technology solution.

And I love him for that.

Sylvie Boucheron-Saunier_Vivre l’innovation_Episode-27

Sylvie Boucheron, the Head of Financial Institutions for ACI Payments, recently moved to Naples, Florida for her company.  Just a little different from her native Marseille.  The biggest cultural change for her?  The antiquated way payments are executed in the U.S.

And the food… I know she didn’t tell me that but come on.

Want to learn more about Sylvie?  My interview with her for the series.

Sylvie Boucheron-Saunier


Brian Roemmele_The FinTech Voice_Episode-26

Brian Roemmele has a natural affinity for the audio realm – whether this be through his love of music or through his belief that voice would become the next operating system way before this was the “in thing”.  Brian is also a long time and repeat company founder.  He began 1st American Card Service back in 1986, Multiplex Media Corporation in 1995, and now Payfinders in 2014.  And last but not least, he is one of the hosts of one of my one personal favorite podcasts Around the Coin.


Hamed Shahbazi- Striving Impactreneur- Episode-4

Hamed Shahbazi created Tio Networks to make it less expensive to be poor.   Creating applications for bill payment, they help people pay bills on time to keep them from paying late fees and having their credit impacted.  He strives to be an Impactreneur; someone whose innovation and efforts are to impact the world.