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Gemma Godfrey_The Money Guru_Episode 80

I’m not sure what’s left for Gemma to accomplish in her career.  She is a successful company founder (her company Moola just launched as we were doing the interview), has a new show on “Eat, Shop, Save” on ITV, has been an advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger on The New Celebrity Apprentice, has a degree in quantum physics, and the list goes on and on.

And she was a lot of fun to interview.  A true renaissance woman.

Michelle Evans_FinTech Storyteller_Episode 61

I had the opportunity to first interview Michelle last year for the FemTechLeaders series (her full interview is posted below).  It was intriguing to learn how Michelle’s love for writing shaped her career as a journalist and how her background as a journalist shaped her career as a mobile payments thought leader.  Michelle now is the Global Head of Digital Consumer Research for  and she also is a contributing author for Forbes where she focuses on the impact of digital and mobile on payments and banking.

Michelle Evans MacLachlan

Jim Marous_The Strategist_Episode-34

Jim’s just about seen it all throughout his career when it comes to financial services.  He’s witnessed the rise of the internet, mobile, and pure digital solutions when it comes to banking.  And yet Jim remains grounded it facts when it comes to the influence of technology on how banks service their customers’ needs.

And his Super Bowl parties are stuff of legends.  Just imagine what the party would be like if the Cleveland Browns ever won it all…

The Marous Family 2017 Super Bowl Party

Anna Irrera_FinTech Correspondent_Episode-33

Anna has been writing about financial services since she joined Dow Jones back in 2012 when she moved to the UK from Rio de Janeiro. Her move to London at the beginning of the FinTech boom demonstrates her great timing (or great luck).  Anna now calls New York City home in her role as a fintech correspondent for Reuters.  Check out any “influencer list” and you’ll find Anna’s name there.

And we have absolutely no idea what the dog’s name is.

Devie Mohan_The Researcher_Episode-29

Financial Services has become a convoluted space full of both well established players and new startups fighting for market share and customers.  The difficulty is finding the signal through the noise.  Thankfully we have folks like Devie Mohan to guide us.  Devie is an outstanding researcher and writer who strives to cut through the noise, the myths, and the hype to focus on what is really making an impact in the world of financial services today.

Matteo Rizzi_ Fintech Rockstar_ Episode-12

When Matteo Rizzi enters the room at a banking conference, you do a double take, wondering if he is lost or when did a banking conference start hiring rock bands?  Then he takes the stage and you realize that he is breaking every rule, thwarting every protocol, to make sure we understand that he is the future.  Say goodbye to collars and ties, to paper and red tape, to yesterday- the future of money is revolutionary and he is leading the way, both from inside the establishment and from the outside.

Jesse Podell – Talent Hound_Episode-3

Jesse Podell expresses himself with kind directness and his presence gives you the sensation that something is about to pop.   His energy and optimism are infectious, which is good, because he is the MD for the Startupbootcamp Fintech NYC.   Startupbootcamp has been incredibly successful in helping Fintech companies accelerate their growth and compete for the investor funds that can be so crucial to survival.  In this episode of Fintech5, Jesse talks about the experience of bringing the Accelerator to NYC, and gives valuable advice to anyone in a fintech startup.

And the pic with the awesome pre-child beard: