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Stephen Ufford_The Dapper Tech Founder_Episode 91

I immediately hit it off with Stephen.  We were introduced by Kim Hong from Trullio and we spent must of the interview cracking jokes and riffing off each other.  Therefore, for this write-up, I’m going to continue giving Stephen a hard time.  He is one of those younger, hip, good looking, in shape, well-dressed, successful founders you’d expect to find on the cover of a magazine.  Well done Stephen.

And he’s smart too.  Damn it Stephen.

Bianca Lopes_The 24/7 Entrepreneur_Episode 87

Bianca has done more in her brief time on the tech scene than most people have accomplished in a 30 year career.  She’s founded multiple companies stretching across multiple industries and has now fully grasped the impact biometrics can have on the question of digital identity.  Make sure you check out Bioconnect.

Spend five minutes chatting with Bianca and you will feel ready to conquer any mountain.  Exactly what I’d look for in a great founder.

Dave Birch_Everyone’s Favorite Uncle_Episode 78

I love Dave. Seriously, I absolutely love this man.  Why, you may ask?  Because he is one of the funniest, brightest, sarcastic, dry-witted, and pleasant people I know.  Probably most important, Dave is able to hold my attention when he presents on topics as complicated as distributed ledgers by explaining the impact of sensors and distributed ledgers with respect to one’s undergarments.  Seriously, he’s done that.

Oh yeah, Dave’s also the Director of Innovation for Consultant Hyperion.

Katryna Dow_Digital Rights Evangelist_Episode 75

I’ve been friends with Katryna “digitally” now for several years.  Few have her passion when it comes to an individual’s digital identity and the challenges facing us in the digital age.  Katryna has focused this particular passion into Meeco, the company she founded in 2012.

This isn’t the first time I’ve interviewed Katryna either.  During our interview for the series she stood under an umbrella in the driving London rain and wind; and despite these conditions she spoke with me for almost thirty minutes.  Told you; her passion for digital identity shines through.

Katryna Dow

Emma Lindley_Innovating Identity_Episode 53

I had the chat to interview Emma in London while we were both at a payments conference next to Tower Bridge.  We hid away in a hotel employee only hallway to escape the noise of the conference.  The looks of confusion we received from hotel staff; me with my headphones on and holding a microphone, and Emma trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation does come through at times during the interview.

That all said, Emma is as about a sharp an expert on digital identity as there is in the space today.  Her insights on the difficulty and the far reaching consequences of establishing digital identity standards are well worth the listen alone.

Jon Jones- Verifying Identity – Episode-5

Jon Jones is a Manchester United Fan, but don’t hold that against him!   Seeing the need for reliable online identity verification for banks and other financial institutions, he founded Trulioo in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has been leading Vancouver’s fintech scene.