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Ramona Ortega_Humble Hustler_Episode 59

“The Humble Hustler” – we didn’t come up with that title; Ramona did.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a more active and inspiring company founder than Ramona.  She has been a corporate securities attorney, founded a consulting firm, and is currently the founder of My Money My Future,  which the company’s website describes as “a company with a mission ­driven financial tech company that combines tailored content and simple to use tools to empower underserved Millennials manage their money with confidence.”

Take a few minutes to chat with Ramona like I did at Money2020 in 2016 and you be filled with confidence too.

John Hope Bryant_ Silver Rights Worker_ Ep 24

Sometimes your name is prophetic.  This is exactly the situation with John Hope Bryant.  He has exemplified the concept of ‘hope’ throughout his life and specifically with Operation Hope, his organization focused on financial literacy and dignity for all.  John is a best selling author, keynote speaker, has shared the stage with Archbishop Desmond Tutu for the closing keynote at Davos, has worked with President Bush and Obama on financial literacy programs, and most recently was honored as American Banker’s Innovator of the Year for 2016.

It was my honor to interview John and he has an avid follower and supporter in me going forward.


Jane Barrat _The Confidence Builder_ Episode-14

Jane Barrat believes there is a smart investor in everyone, and those that invest build wealth.  She also knows that investing can feel intimidating and overwhelming, especially for those that feel like they don’t have the means to invest meaningfully. So, to change that, she started Gold Bean, a series of tools to help people start with just a small sum, and build from there, removing the fear and opacity and worry that the beginner investor feels.

Hamed Shahbazi- Striving Impactreneur- Episode-4

Hamed Shahbazi created Tio Networks to make it less expensive to be poor.   Creating applications for bill payment, they help people pay bills on time to keep them from paying late fees and having their credit impacted.  He strives to be an Impactreneur; someone whose innovation and efforts are to impact the world.