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Ramona Ortega_Humble Hustler_Episode 59

“The Humble Hustler” – we didn’t come up with that title; Ramona did.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a more active and inspiring company founder than Ramona.  She has been a corporate securities attorney, founded a consulting firm, and is currently the founder of My Money My Future,  which the company’s website describes as “a company with a mission ­driven financial tech company that combines tailored content and simple to use tools to empower underserved Millennials manage their money with confidence.”

Take a few minutes to chat with Ramona like I did at Money2020 in 2016 and you be filled with confidence too.

Emma Lindley_Innovating Identity_Episode 53

I had the chat to interview Emma in London while we were both at a payments conference next to Tower Bridge.  We hid away in a hotel employee only hallway to escape the noise of the conference.  The looks of confusion we received from hotel staff; me with my headphones on and holding a microphone, and Emma trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation does come through at times during the interview.

That all said, Emma is as about a sharp an expert on digital identity as there is in the space today.  Her insights on the difficulty and the far reaching consequences of establishing digital identity standards are well worth the listen alone.

Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore_The Advocate_Episode 51

Take five minutes to talk financial services with Kathleen and you to will become enthusiastic about improving the financial lives of your customer.  Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, or KPG to her friends, is exactly what one would want in a customer advocate.  She has made it her mission to focus on consumers and look for ways to both educate and make it easier for them to manage their finances.  She continuously pounds-the-drums on this topic in her role as VP & GM Credit Americas for PayPal.

Her FemTechLeaders interview:

Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore

Liz Lumley_Tech Rainmaker_Episode 49

Sting once had a hit song titled “An Englishman in New York”.  Liz is an “American in London”.  And, unlike many Yanks, I’m sure her fellow Londoner’s are thankful for her presence.  Liz is the Managing Director at Rainmaking.  And what is Rainmaking you ask?  Listen to the podcast and find out!

Liz is also an outspoken advocate for women in technology which I personally am very thankful for.  If you are ever at a conference and you see Liz on the agenda as a speaker or panelist – make sure you go hear her.  She is 1) hilarious, 2) very, very smart, 3) well connected / networked, and 4) did I mention she is hilarious?

Adizah Tejani_Ecosystem Agriculturalist_Episode-45

One word truly describes Adizah – hustle.  You will be hard pressed to find someone in the fintech community who is always “on” quite like Adizah.  She began her career blogging about tech on WordPress and was one the key catalysts for the growth of Level 39 in London.  Now she is working as the Director of Marketing EMEA for Token where she is focused on evangelizing the concept of open banking via APIs.

Duena Blomstrom_Banking Psychologist_Episode-39

Duena Blomstrom is the antithesis of everything you think of when you imagine a banker.   Talented, brash, and never shying away from controversy, she always goes right to the heart of the matter.  She has created a platform for what she calls Emotional Banking which is all about understanding the customer’s emotional experience with their money and how banks can connect to that to build stronger ties with their customers through positive UX and EX.

Fereshteh Forough_Social Independence Leader_Episode-31

I’m always interested in the back stories of the people I speak with in FinTech.  What drives them, how did they get into the industry, who motivates them, etc.?  I walked away from my interview with Fereshteh reflecting on my own focus and my actions in making the world a better place.  She is the real deal – every part of her story is inspiring and I’m thrilled to include her and her project Code To Inspire as part of this series.  Her work to empower Afgani women through learning to code is a real solution to a real social and economic challenge.  Listen and be inspired.


Devie Mohan_The Researcher_Episode-29

Financial Services has become a convoluted space full of both well established players and new startups fighting for market share and customers.  The difficulty is finding the signal through the noise.  Thankfully we have folks like Devie Mohan to guide us.  Devie is an outstanding researcher and writer who strives to cut through the noise, the myths, and the hype to focus on what is really making an impact in the world of financial services today.

Sylvie Boucheron-Saunier_Vivre l’innovation_Episode-27

Sylvie Boucheron, the Head of Financial Institutions for ACI Payments, recently moved to Naples, Florida for her company.  Just a little different from her native Marseille.  The biggest cultural change for her?  The antiquated way payments are executed in the U.S.

And the food… I know she didn’t tell me that but come on.

Want to learn more about Sylvie?  My interview with her for the series.

Sylvie Boucheron-Saunier


Ghela Boskovich_FemTech Evangelist_Episode-22

“They have a big personality” is a phrase that 100% applies to Ghela Boskovich.  You can also add a big heart, sharp intellect, caring friend…  you get the point.  Ghela is the ying-to-my-yang when it comes to the project and is one of my favorite folks in the FinTech community.

And she owns about a million killer black dresses.