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Kosta Peric- Foundation Builder- Episode-7

One might expect one of the world’s most respected voices in Fintech to be stuffy or academic and dry.  But Kosta Peric is easily one of the most exciting, enthusiastic, and easy to laugh people you have ever met.  And he has a vision to bring financial services to billions of the financially underserved – a vision that could end poverty as we know it.

Nicole Sturgill- Finance Tech Translator_Episode-6

Nicole Sturgill’s title at CEB is Executive Advisor, but what she actually does is translate between the worlds and languages of technology and finance.  Tech tends to embrace nimble, light, quick moving, advancement.  Finance tends to appreciate traditional, methodical, safe and secure transactions.   The two aren’t natural allies, until Nicole steps in and explains the benefits to both.

Jon Jones- Verifying Identity – Episode-5

Jon Jones is a Manchester United Fan, but don’t hold that against him!   Seeing the need for reliable online identity verification for banks and other financial institutions, he founded Trulioo in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has been leading Vancouver’s fintech scene.

Jesse Podell – Talent Hound_Episode-3

Jesse Podell expresses himself with kind directness and his presence gives you the sensation that something is about to pop.   His energy and optimism are infectious, which is good, because he is the MD for the Startupbootcamp Fintech NYC.   Startupbootcamp has been incredibly successful in helping Fintech companies accelerate their growth and compete for the investor funds that can be so crucial to survival.  In this episode of Fintech5, Jesse talks about the experience of bringing the Accelerator to NYC, and gives valuable advice to anyone in a fintech startup.

And the pic with the awesome pre-child beard: