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Marta Krupińska_Perpetual Expat_Episode-16

The first thing you realize in speaking with Marta Krupińska, the co-founder of the international remittance company Azimo, is her passion for her company and it’s mission.  The second thing you realize is she has, thankfully, no filter.  If you ask a question, any question; she will provide a refreshingly frank and honest opinion on the topic.  So this is your warning.  Some graphic language is used during this interview.

ping-pongAnd yes, Azimo does have a ping pong table in their office that is located over a karaoke bar in London.





The picture in the Azimo office I reference during the interview.

EDITORIAL NOTE:  During my interview I stated President-Elect Trump proposed a 35% tax levy against money transfers to Mexico to support building a border wall.  This is incorrect.  President-Elect Trump’s proposal was to ban remittances to Mexico until the Mexican government paid a one-time payment to support building the wall.  Full details of the proposal can be found here.


Jane Barrat _The Confidence Builder_ Episode-14

Jane Barrat believes there is a smart investor in everyone, and those that invest build wealth.  She also knows that investing can feel intimidating and overwhelming, especially for those that feel like they don’t have the means to invest meaningfully. So, to change that, she started Gold Bean, a series of tools to help people start with just a small sum, and build from there, removing the fear and opacity and worry that the beginner investor feels.

Kim Hong_ The Messenger_ Episode13

Bright and sunny are two of the things that come to mind when you meet Kim Hong, the Head of Marketing at Trulioo.   That is reflective of sunny San Diego where she grew up, but also reflective of the immigrant experience of her parents, who with a little luck and whole lot of work, provided opportunities for their family.  Kim wants everyone to have that chance.

Kim’s interview as part of the series (even more on her parents):

Kim Hong


Matteo Rizzi_ Fintech Rockstar_ Episode-12

When Matteo Rizzi enters the room at a banking conference, you do a double take, wondering if he is lost or when did a banking conference start hiring rock bands?  Then he takes the stage and you realize that he is breaking every rule, thwarting every protocol, to make sure we understand that he is the future.  Say goodbye to collars and ties, to paper and red tape, to yesterday- the future of money is revolutionary and he is leading the way, both from inside the establishment and from the outside.

Wendy Chamberlin_Global Changemaker_Episode-11

Knowing that 2.5 billion people lack basic financial services would overwhelm some people, but Wendy Chamberlin sees a huge opportunity.   Sure, she realizes that getting many of these people banking services might be difficult, but she doesn’t plan to do it alone.  She knows that as fintech makes providing services cheaper, more and more institutions will see the business opportunities and adopt the Gates Foundations mission to provide better financial services to the poor.   She thinks the mission is urgent, and important, and very possible.

Ivan Cheung_ Super Mentor_Episode-10

Ivan Cheung has one foot in Hong Kong and the other in Vancouver, CA.  His true loves- his family – is in Vancouver, but his great passion is in Hong Kong, helping the fintech startups that are making Hong Kong one of the great links in the global chain of fintech hubs.  HK Invest has done incredible work pulling together resources in networking, advice, and camaraderie among fintech startups in Hong Kong.   And they have drawn the very best, including Elon Musk, to speak at their conferences, proving they provide a truly global perspective.

Ginger Schmeltzer _ Payments Ace_ Episode-9

You can meet recognized payments ace, Ginger Schmeltzer, at the Starbucks on 5th in the fintech hot pocket of Atlanta, Georgia.   Oh, you didn’t know Atlanta was a fintech hotspot?   Well, it turns out that it is only the tip of the iceberg about what Ginger can tell you about payments, finance, and technological innovation in the US.    And soon, she will be able to tell you in Portuguese, as well as English and Spanish.

Jason Heinrichs_Innovative Pain in the Ass_Episode-8

We hope Jason doesn’t mind that we call him a pain in the ass.  Believe us- we consider it a huge compliment.   Because those are the people who get things done.  Large organizations like banks are very resistant to change, because change is exponentially harder the more people that are involved.  The person who pushes for necessary evolution isn’t always the most popular guy in the room.  Luckily Jason is also pretty funny, always friendly, and well dressed while he is pushing for difficult change.

And please notice that elegant buffalo-hide man bag…


Kosta Peric- Foundation Builder- Episode-7

One might expect one of the world’s most respected voices in Fintech to be stuffy or academic and dry.  But Kosta Peric is easily one of the most exciting, enthusiastic, and easy to laugh people you have ever met.  And he has a vision to bring financial services to billions of the financially underserved – a vision that could end poverty as we know it.

Nicole Sturgill- Finance Tech Translator_Episode-6

Nicole Sturgill’s title at CEB is Executive Advisor, but what she actually does is translate between the worlds and languages of technology and finance.  Tech tends to embrace nimble, light, quick moving, advancement.  Finance tends to appreciate traditional, methodical, safe and secure transactions.   The two aren’t natural allies, until Nicole steps in and explains the benefits to both.