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Brett King_FinTech Royalty_Episode 48

Best selling author, world class speaker, successful entrepreneur, top rated podcast and radio show host, futurist… we are running out of accolades to assign to Brett King.  How about all around nice guy and good friend.  I think this one works best for me.

I  first discovered Brett when I read his book “Bank 2.0” several years ago.  I thought he was a visionary then, and after all these years it is safe to say he is a leading visionary today on the future of banking and the digital revolution.

Anne Boden_Rebel with a Cause_Episode_47

Anne could have easily chosen to take the well traveled path and continued her career as a top executive with any of the global banks.  After all she has already served as the COO for Allied Irish Bank, the Head of Global Transactions Services for RBSG, and as a senior executive for ABN Amro, UBS, and several other large scale banks.

Anne, instead, chose the path less traveled.  She is the founder and CEO of Starling Bank, one of the leading “neo” banks out of the UK.  She has assembled an outstanding team around her that matches her outstanding personality.  We are happy to call Anne a friend of the pod.

Na’ama Moran_FoodTech_Episode-43

Na’ama has an inherent love of community, food, and technology.  Mix these three elements and you end up with Sourcery, the company she co-founded and is the CEO of.  I asked Na’ama where she believes these three foundational elements came from and she continues to point back to her time living in a kibbutz in Israel.

I’m not the only fan of Na’ama.  She was recognized in 2017 as the Top Woman in Foodservice.

Na’ama Moran, CEO of Sourcery, Wins Top Women in Foodservice Technology


April Rudin_Marketing Strategist_Episode-41

There’s a lot of reasons I always enjoy chatting with April Rudin, founder of The Rudin Group.  She is funny, bright, and incredibly knowledgeable with respect to marketing in the digital age.  And, at least most important to me, she is from my original home town of Detroit.  I love nothing more than to hear success stories coming out of the Motor City.

Vicki Zhou & Herbert Moore_The Wise Banyans_Episode-36

The ‘startup’ Wise Banyan has received quite a few accolades from industry experts and the media this past year.  All of it well deserving.  The company’s co-founders Vicki Zhou and Herbert Moore are the quintessential fintech founders.  Both are young, urban, bright,  and idealistic entrepreneurs striving to put a dent into the wealth management space.  And they are both a lot of fun to interview.

A little fun fact:  I recommended Herbert name his boat “Moore’s Flaw”.  This will make a hell of a lot more sense once you listen to the podcast.  Enjoy.

Lisa Woodley_Experience Designer_Episode-35

I have the both the pleasure of working with and presenting with Lisa over the past few years.  She simply rocks at both.  Whether she is leading her Digital Experience team at NTT, lecturing at Rutgers, or singing in her band.

And I’m not the only one that thinks this way.  Computerworld recognized Lisa as on of the top 100 Tech Leaders for 2016.  Like I said, rock star.

Computerworld Recognizes Technology Leaders Advancing their Business through Digital Transformation with 2017 Premier 100 Technology Leader Awards

Fereshteh Forough_Social Independence Leader_Episode-31

I’m always interested in the back stories of the people I speak with in FinTech.  What drives them, how did they get into the industry, who motivates them, etc.?  I walked away from my interview with Fereshteh reflecting on my own focus and my actions in making the world a better place.  She is the real deal – every part of her story is inspiring and I’m thrilled to include her and her project Code To Inspire as part of this series.  Her work to empower Afgani women through learning to code is a real solution to a real social and economic challenge.  Listen and be inspired.


Devie Mohan_The Researcher_Episode-29

Financial Services has become a convoluted space full of both well established players and new startups fighting for market share and customers.  The difficulty is finding the signal through the noise.  Thankfully we have folks like Devie Mohan to guide us.  Devie is an outstanding researcher and writer who strives to cut through the noise, the myths, and the hype to focus on what is really making an impact in the world of financial services today.

Brian Roemmele_The FinTech Voice_Episode-26

Brian Roemmele has a natural affinity for the audio realm – whether this be through his love of music or through his belief that voice would become the next operating system way before this was the “in thing”.  Brian is also a long time and repeat company founder.  He began 1st American Card Service back in 1986, Multiplex Media Corporation in 1995, and now Payfinders in 2014.  And last but not least, he is one of the hosts of one of my one personal favorite podcasts Around the Coin.


Megan Caywood_Platform Builder_Episode-25

You know those individuals you meet for the first time but it seems as if you’ve been friends forever?  That describes Megan Caywood, the Chief Platform Officer for Starling Bank.  We hit it off immediately due to our mutual love of APIs, London, and making fun of ourselves.  Megan is exactly what you picture when you envision a banking disruptor (and yes, that is a compliment).

And, just fyi, it took 3 people to get me out of that damn chair…