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Oliver Bussmann_The Innovation Orchestrator_Episode 70

Oliver Bussmann earned his stripes when it comes to financial services innovation.  He has a long career in banking and technology leading digital and innovation transformation projects as Group CIO at UBS; and leadership roles Allianz, Deutsche Bank, and IBM.

Oliver is recognized globally as a fintech influencer and thought leader.  His blog on the Bussmann Advisory site and frequent posts on LinkedIn and other media outlets are a must read for those interested in the financial services industry.

Chris Skinner_The Finanser_Episode 60

The term “thought leader” is handed out a bit too easily these days, especially when it comes to FinTech.  That said, Chris Skinner is without a doubt one of the top two or three thought leaders in financial services today.  Chris has been on the leading edge when it comes to consistently predicting, writing, and speaking on the concept of digital disruption for well over a decade.  His blog,, is a wealth of information and inspiration for those of us in the financial services space.

And Chris is an all around nice guy.  Just don’t let him know I said that.

Jay Palter_The Social Advisory_Episode-44

Creating a “FinTech Influencer List” is one of the riskiest moves you can make in the industry.  Many complain about who is in the list and who isn’t.  That said, Jay’s FinTech Influencers to Follow is one of the top ones globally and one I actually recommend.  Full of great thinkers and doers worth following.  And Jay deserves to be on the list.  He is to humble to include himself so I’ll go ahead and nominate him.

And yes, this is proof positive that Jay once had a lot of hair. And worked for Greenpeace.



Ron Shevlin_The Snarketer_Episode-42

No time for B.S., or cliche’s, Ron Shevlin walks through life saying “WAIT A MINUTE?  What are you really trying to sell me???”   He is wise, he is funny, and he is the most honest man in banking.  In other words, everything you need in a consultant and commentator in an arena that can feel too full of hype that needs to continually refocus on substance.

And take a minute (or a life time; you’re choice) to read some of Ron’s great work.  You’ll thank me later once you calm down:   The Financial Brand’s Snarketing archive