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Margaux Avedisian_The Crypto Comic_Episode 89

Yes, Margaux Avedisian was profiled in the Wall Street Journal.  Yes, she is a bitcoin comic.  Yes, she is quite funny.  But Margaux is also one sharp entrepreneur when it comes to cryptocurrency and the future of money.   During the day she is the world’s funniest EVP at Transform Group and can pretty much tell you anything you need to know about ICO’s.  Just ask her.


Richard Crook_Innovating Bank Ledgers_Episode 88

Richard leads a team of engineers and innovators looking at emerging technologies and their application across RBS. His current focus is on the application of distributed ledger technology including blockchain across RBS.  Or as Richard puts it, I’ve been focused on innovating banking ledgers way before this was cool.

Yes, it’s cool now.  Stop your sniggering.

Beth Shah_Derivatives Geek_Episode 55

I first met Beth when she setup my interview with her boss Blythe Masters for the FemTechLeaders interview series.  We quickly found out we have a shared love of the English Premier League (Beth supports Southampton and I’m, of course, am an Arsenal fan).  I also rapidly learned how talented she is and how well she has learned to navigate the ever shifting waters of the blockchain space when it comes to finance.

And she is also the only person I’ve met so far who loves to talk about derivatives (she was a former derivatives writer).  Either that or she knows that will kill any conversation with me as I’ll just get bored.

Sebastien Meunier_The Trend Spotter_Episode-19

“What’s next?” is one of my personal favorite tag lines came from the character of President Bartlett in The West Wing.  I imagine this thought is constantly running through the mind of Sebastien Meunier’s from the consulting firm Chappuis Halder & Company.  He is considered to be an active thought leader on everything from blockchain use cases for Financial Services to InsurTech.

And he speaks at least 5 different languages and is learning Mandarin.  We need to find him another hobby.