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Margaux Avedisian_The Crypto Comic_Episode 89

Yes, Margaux Avedisian was profiled in the Wall Street Journal.  Yes, she is a bitcoin comic.  Yes, she is quite funny.  But Margaux is also one sharp entrepreneur when it comes to cryptocurrency and the future of money.   During the day she is the world’s funniest EVP at Transform Group and can pretty much tell you anything you need to know about ICO’s.  Just ask her.


Fereshteh Forough_Social Independence Leader_Episode-31

I’m always interested in the back stories of the people I speak with in FinTech.  What drives them, how did they get into the industry, who motivates them, etc.?  I walked away from my interview with Fereshteh reflecting on my own focus and my actions in making the world a better place.  She is the real deal – every part of her story is inspiring and I’m thrilled to include her and her project Code To Inspire as part of this series.  Her work to empower Afgani women through learning to code is a real solution to a real social and economic challenge.  Listen and be inspired.