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Dave Birch_Everyone’s Favorite Uncle_Episode 78

I love Dave. Seriously, I absolutely love this man.  Why, you may ask?  Because he is one of the funniest, brightest, sarcastic, dry-witted, and pleasant people I know.  Probably most important, Dave is able to hold my attention when he presents on topics as complicated as distributed ledgers by explaining the impact of sensors and distributed ledgers with respect to one’s undergarments.  Seriously, he’s done that.

Oh yeah, Dave’s also the Director of Innovation for Consultant Hyperion.

Susanne Chishti_FinTech Angel_Episode 71

Ever get a little bit tired of all the hype, buzzwords, egos, etc. that come with the fintech territory?  My cure – spend five minutes chatting with Susanne Chishti.  Her energy and passion for the space will jump start your own enthusiasm for digital disruption (I had to throw in a buzzword phrase).

Susanne’s career covers the full gamut of financial services.  She’s been a highly successful consultant, banker, angel investor, author… take your pick.  Her latest ventures, FinTech Circle and the FinTech Book, are both worth an afternoon of browsing.

Chris Skinner_The Finanser_Episode 60

The term “thought leader” is handed out a bit too easily these days, especially when it comes to FinTech.  That said, Chris Skinner is without a doubt one of the top two or three thought leaders in financial services today.  Chris has been on the leading edge when it comes to consistently predicting, writing, and speaking on the concept of digital disruption for well over a decade.  His blog,, is a wealth of information and inspiration for those of us in the financial services space.

And Chris is an all around nice guy.  Just don’t let him know I said that.

Brett King_FinTech Royalty_Episode 48

Best selling author, world class speaker, successful entrepreneur, top rated podcast and radio show host, futurist… we are running out of accolades to assign to Brett King.  How about all around nice guy and good friend.  I think this one works best for me.

I  first discovered Brett when I read his book “Bank 2.0” several years ago.  I thought he was a visionary then, and after all these years it is safe to say he is a leading visionary today on the future of banking and the digital revolution.

Ron Shevlin_The Snarketer_Episode-42

No time for B.S., or cliche’s, Ron Shevlin walks through life saying “WAIT A MINUTE?  What are you really trying to sell me???”   He is wise, he is funny, and he is the most honest man in banking.  In other words, everything you need in a consultant and commentator in an arena that can feel too full of hype that needs to continually refocus on substance.

And take a minute (or a life time; you’re choice) to read some of Ron’s great work.  You’ll thank me later once you calm down:   The Financial Brand’s Snarketing archive

Duena Blomstrom_Banking Psychologist_Episode-39

Duena Blomstrom is the antithesis of everything you think of when you imagine a banker.   Talented, brash, and never shying away from controversy, she always goes right to the heart of the matter.  She has created a platform for what she calls Emotional Banking which is all about understanding the customer’s emotional experience with their money and how banks can connect to that to build stronger ties with their customers through positive UX and EX.

Jim Marous_The Strategist_Episode-34

Jim’s just about seen it all throughout his career when it comes to financial services.  He’s witnessed the rise of the internet, mobile, and pure digital solutions when it comes to banking.  And yet Jim remains grounded it facts when it comes to the influence of technology on how banks service their customers’ needs.

And his Super Bowl parties are stuff of legends.  Just imagine what the party would be like if the Cleveland Browns ever won it all…

The Marous Family 2017 Super Bowl Party

John Waupsh_Innovator, Author, Smart-Ass_Episode-21

One my favorite activities at FinTech conferences is to sit through presentations and try to out smart-ass John Waupsh’s posts on Twitter.  I normally lose this battle by the way.  John is the Chief Innovation Officer at Kasasa and is also the author of Bankruption, one of my personal favorite books on the impact of technology on Community Banking.

And he wears really, really cool tennis shoes.