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Adizah Tejani_Ecosystem Agriculturalist_Episode-45

One word truly describes Adizah – hustle.  You will be hard pressed to find someone in the fintech community who is always “on” quite like Adizah.  She began her career blogging about tech on WordPress and was one the key catalysts for the growth of Level 39 in London.  Now she is working as the Director of Marketing EMEA for Token where she is focused on evangelizing the concept of open banking via APIs.

Dan Kimerling_Key Master_Episode-38

One of the hottest topics in the financial services industry is “Open Banking”.  While it is true the barbarians are at the gates, the reality is the gatekeepers at the banks need to provide access past their walls and unfortunately, this concept blows most bank executives’ minds.  That is where an expert at API development and working with 3rd parties is a most.  And that is exactly what Dan is – the Key Master.   Simple put – he is a genius.

And his wife’s company is also incredible: CampEats – Be sure to check it out.

Megan Caywood_Platform Builder_Episode-25

You know those individuals you meet for the first time but it seems as if you’ve been friends forever?  That describes Megan Caywood, the Chief Platform Officer for Starling Bank.  We hit it off immediately due to our mutual love of APIs, London, and making fun of ourselves.  Megan is exactly what you picture when you envision a banking disruptor (and yes, that is a compliment).

And, just fyi, it took 3 people to get me out of that damn chair…