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Nektarios Liolios_The Rainmaker_Episode-32

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with multiple start-up founders who have gone through the Startupbootcamp Accelerator Program.  And every single one of them have stated this was, without a doubt, the best and most intense program they’ve ever been through.  Talk with Nektarios, the co-founder and CEO of Startupbootcamp, for 5 minutes and you quickly understand why the program is so successful.  It reflects his passion, energy, and drive in ensuring the companies that participate in the program are ready to succeed.

Matteo Rizzi_ Fintech Rockstar_ Episode-12

When Matteo Rizzi enters the room at a banking conference, you do a double take, wondering if he is lost or when did a banking conference start hiring rock bands?  Then he takes the stage and you realize that he is breaking every rule, thwarting every protocol, to make sure we understand that he is the future.  Say goodbye to collars and ties, to paper and red tape, to yesterday- the future of money is revolutionary and he is leading the way, both from inside the establishment and from the outside.

Jesse Podell – Talent Hound_Episode-3

Jesse Podell expresses himself with kind directness and his presence gives you the sensation that something is about to pop.   His energy and optimism are infectious, which is good, because he is the MD for the Startupbootcamp Fintech NYC.   Startupbootcamp has been incredibly successful in helping Fintech companies accelerate their growth and compete for the investor funds that can be so crucial to survival.  In this episode of Fintech5, Jesse talks about the experience of bringing the Accelerator to NYC, and gives valuable advice to anyone in a fintech startup.

And the pic with the awesome pre-child beard: