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Faisal Khan_FinTech Babushka_Episode 66

Faisal and I first met in Istanbul at a payments conference in 2014.  We immediately hit it off thanks to our love of innovation, everything payments, and the impact technology on the banking industry.  One thing I really appreciate about Faisal is the vast amount of content he is able to produce.   He is active across social networks, whether it be Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. or his participation with one of my favorite podcasts Around the Coin.  I consistently look to Faisal as a information resource when it comes to financial services.

Roberta Profeta_ Global Mentor_ Ep 65

Roberta Profeta goes by Robbie to her friends.  This pretty much includes everybody involved in the London FinTech scene.  Talk to just about anyone in Canary Wharf and they’ll have a story about Robbie.  She is an active mentor and also a strong voice for women in tech.

She also recommended The Machine Stops as a great read.  My copy of the book is on order.

Ben Milne_Node Master_Episode 64

I love it when a company founder consistently blogs. Brad Feld, the tech founder legend, has been doing this for decades.  Likewise, so has Ben Milne.  Reading someones thoughts and insights, especially around creating, pivoting, and running a FinTech company is better than any reality show on TV.

Ben founded Dwolla way back in December of 2009.  That’s the equivalent of 50 years in FinTech time.  He is a sought after speaker on the FI circuit and a respected thought leader in the space.

His wife Jami is also a talented powerhouse.  She is an accomplished photographer who is well know for her work in Des Moines’ art scene.

Tanaya Macheel_The Wordsmith_Episode 63

There’s a lot of “click-bait” when it comes to FinTech and media.  This is expected when an industry is all the buzz; however, it can be extremely annoying at times when you expect more research and subject matter expertise from the authors of many of these articles.  Luckily that isn’t the case whatsoever with Tanaya.  She consistently does her homework when researching a topic and this is evident throughout her writing at media companies such as CoinDesk, American Banker, and now TearSheet.  Tanaya’s also been a strong advocate and voice for women in the tech scene.

And she can seriously ice-skate. Seriously.

Nasir Zubairi_The Incubator_Episode 62

Luxembourg is serious about fintech.  Just ask Nasir Zubairi the CEO of Luxembourg’s first incubator LHoFT.   The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) is Luxembourg’s dedicated FinTech platform where finance and technology interact to shape the future of finance.  And Nasir is the perfect choice to head up such an endeavor.  He has had a long career in the financial services space in just about every leadership role imaginable.

You can learn more about LHoFT and Nasir on their website.

Michelle Evans_FinTech Storyteller_Episode 61

I had the opportunity to first interview Michelle last year for the FemTechLeaders series (her full interview is posted below).  It was intriguing to learn how Michelle’s love for writing shaped her career as a journalist and how her background as a journalist shaped her career as a mobile payments thought leader.  Michelle now is the Global Head of Digital Consumer Research for  and she also is a contributing author for Forbes where she focuses on the impact of digital and mobile on payments and banking.

Michelle Evans MacLachlan

Chris Skinner_The Finanser_Episode 60

The term “thought leader” is handed out a bit too easily these days, especially when it comes to FinTech.  That said, Chris Skinner is without a doubt one of the top two or three thought leaders in financial services today.  Chris has been on the leading edge when it comes to consistently predicting, writing, and speaking on the concept of digital disruption for well over a decade.  His blog,, is a wealth of information and inspiration for those of us in the financial services space.

And Chris is an all around nice guy.  Just don’t let him know I said that.

Ramona Ortega_Humble Hustler_Episode 59

“The Humble Hustler” – we didn’t come up with that title; Ramona did.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a more active and inspiring company founder than Ramona.  She has been a corporate securities attorney, founded a consulting firm, and is currently the founder of My Money My Future,  which the company’s website describes as “a company with a mission ­driven financial tech company that combines tailored content and simple to use tools to empower underserved Millennials manage their money with confidence.”

Take a few minutes to chat with Ramona like I did at Money2020 in 2016 and you be filled with confidence too.

Daniel Gusev_Wishful Tinkerer_Episode 58

I first met Daniel at Finovate in NYC back in 2016.  I was immediately taken by two things when we spoke:  1) Daniel is one of the rare breed of founders who is incredibly intelligent but can also describe his product simply and succinctly; and 2) He has the best English accent of any Russian founder I’ve ever met.

If you ever get a chance to see Daniel present his product FinFit (or any other new product he comes up with) be sure to take notes.  And take a few minutes to chat with him.  You’ll thank me later.

Maria Deam_FinTech Ambassador_Episode 57

Where is the FinTech capital of the world?  Most would agree the top two cities that vie for this title are London and New York City.  Maria is in the interesting position of living in NYC while representing the UK government.  She is Vice Consul, Financial Services at the British Consulate General and her role is to promote and attract companies to consider the UK as their home base.   And she’s very good at this.

What she isn’t good at is naming the greatest Arsenal player of all time when she is under pressure.  Giroud?  Seriously?  Come on Maria…