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Jesse Podell – Talent Hound_Episode-3

Jesse Podell expresses himself with kind directness and his presence gives you the sensation that something is about to pop.   His energy and optimism are infectious, which is good, because he is the MD for the Startupbootcamp Fintech NYC.   Startupbootcamp has been incredibly successful in helping Fintech companies accelerate their growth and compete for the investor funds that can be so crucial to survival.  In this episode of Fintech5, Jesse talks about the experience of bringing the Accelerator to NYC, and gives valuable advice to anyone in a fintech startup.

And the pic with the awesome pre-child beard:


Jill Castilla- Oklahoma Firebrand- 002

After serving in the Army Corps of Engineers, finishing college, and building a successful career away from home,  Jill Castilla was called home to Edmond, Oklahoma to save the local bank.   Facing a lot of resistance, she had to fire family, fight rumors, and bring technology to the forefront in order to best serve the community and save Citizens Bank of Edmond.

Bailey Reutzel – Blockhead* 001

Bailey Reutzel has been canvassing the country, finding out what people outside of the banking/fintech bubble care about when it comes to money.   In her blog MoneyTripping, she crosses the lower 48,  and tells us the real story of money is the USA.

What the hell is going on here?

Okay Sammy, why a podcast?

And why FinTech?

And what’s with the black and white profile photos?

Okay, slow down cowboy.  Let me address these questions one at time.

 Why a podcast? – Look, I love podcasts.  I have so many I’m subscribed to on my iPhone that I’m constantly deleting old episodes as they are such a memory hog.  I personally love the format of being able to listen and learn while I’m multi-tasking.

Podcasts are part of my weekly routine.  For example, I listen to Brett Kings Breaking Banks podcast while I cut my grass each week (it takes me exactly one show episode start-to-finish to do my lawn if you are curious).  I listen to Slate Money while I walk my dog.  I listen to The Nerdist on long road trips.

Brett King gave me the podcast bug when he invited me to be a guest host for Breaking Banks.  I love everything about hosting a radio show live; the pressure is quite the rush, the need to improvise, to think quickly on your feet, to actually listen to those you are speaking with.  The more I was on the show the more I thought about giving a podcast a go.

Why a FinTech podcast?  The short answer is FinTech is where I live fin5every day.  My day job with NTT Data Consulting provides me the opportunity to see all sides of the FinTech ecosystem.  Our clients tend to be the big banks and insurance companies globally.  My projects tend to be working with identifying great FinTech partners, evaluating their products, and working to on-board them with the large scale banking and insurance companies.

Basically, I’ve been at the right place, at the right time, and with the right company.  I’ve fallen into one of the hottest industries quite by accident and I love it.

What I love more though are the people that make up the FinTech ecosystem.  I’m a naturally storyteller (my Dad would call this “the art of bullsh*t – bless him) and I actually enjoy getting to know the backstory of the folks that make up the FinTech space.  I want to know where they came from, how they ended up here, what was the birth story of their unique product, why did they choose to work incredibly long hours and add on a massive heap of stress to their life, etc.

The one conundrum I kept running into though was what most of us face:  time.  I have a day job that can be pretty intense, I travel quite a bit on the FinTech speaking circuit, and I have a bunch of kids at home that my wife every now and then appreciates my help with (just saying).  Then I had that light bulb moment.  What if I frame up the podcast as a short form interview, say only five minutes?  This would require both my interviewee and I to get right to the good stuff.  It would emphasize the “art of the start” Guy Kawasaki always spoke about; the need to drill right in to the heart and soul of a product.

That and I have ADHD.  So five minutes is well within my wheelhouse.

Why the black and white photos?  Because I turn fifty this year and black and white hides the wrinkles and age spots.  Well, you did ask.

I hope you enjoy this series half as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together and talking to the FinTech community.  If you’ve enjoyed these interviews then please give the podcast a 5 star rating on iTunes.  It helps.

And if you are interested in being part of the series, shoot me an email.  I’d love to hear your story.