Daniel Gusev_Wishful Tinkerer_Episode 58

I first met Daniel at Finovate in NYC back in 2016.  I was immediately taken by two things when we spoke:  1) Daniel is one of the rare breed of founders who is incredibly intelligent but can also describe his product simply and succinctly; and 2) He has the best English accent of any Russian founder I’ve ever met.

If you ever get a chance to see Daniel present his product FinFit (or any other new product he comes up with) be sure to take notes.  And take a few minutes to chat with him.  You’ll thank me later.

Maria Deam_FinTech Ambassador_Episode 57

Where is the FinTech capital of the world?  Most would agree the top two cities that vie for this title are London and New York City.  Maria is in the interesting position of living in NYC while representing the UK government.  She is Vice Consul, Financial Services at the British Consulate General and her role is to promote and attract companies to consider the UK as their home base.   And she’s very good at this.

What she isn’t good at is naming the greatest Arsenal player of all time when she is under pressure.  Giroud?  Seriously?  Come on Maria…

James Moed_Innovation Wrangler_Episode 56

James Moed is a highly sought after speaker, thought leader, and consultant when it comes to service design.  I first saw James present on experience design in Barcelona at a Next Money conference a few years back.  I remember thinking “Man, this dude gets it.” and immediately sought him out when he finished his talk.  James still gets it; it being the need for financial services (and now other industries in his role at Veon) to really understand what matters to consumers when using technology.

Beth Shah_Derivatives Geek_Episode 55

I first met Beth when she setup my interview with her boss Blythe Masters for the FemTechLeaders interview series.  We quickly found out we have a shared love of the English Premier League (Beth supports Southampton and I’m, of course, am an Arsenal fan).  I also rapidly learned how talented she is and how well she has learned to navigate the ever shifting waters of the blockchain space when it comes to finance.

And she is also the only person I’ve met so far who loves to talk about derivatives (she was a former derivatives writer).  Either that or she knows that will kill any conversation with me as I’ll just get bored.

Huy Nguyen Trieu_Disruptive Financer_Episode 54

I first met Huy at London’s Canary Wharf a few years ago.  Several of my friends in the industry were meeting up for a drink or two and Huy joined us.  He was still working for Citi at the time as a MD and we immediately hit it off.  We both share a passion for the ongoing digital revolution in banking and finance.  Huy is a well known mentor and influencer in the London fintech scene.  It makes perfect sense that he would start an organization like The Distruptive Group.

Emma Lindley_Innovating Identity_Episode 53

I had the chat to interview Emma in London while we were both at a payments conference next to Tower Bridge.  We hid away in a hotel employee only hallway to escape the noise of the conference.  The looks of confusion we received from hotel staff; me with my headphones on and holding a microphone, and Emma trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation does come through at times during the interview.

That all said, Emma is as about a sharp an expert on digital identity as there is in the space today.  Her insights on the difficulty and the far reaching consequences of establishing digital identity standards are well worth the listen alone.

Alessandro Hatami_The Matchmaker_Episode 52

Alessandro Hatami – his name alone tells a wonderful story.  Part Italian (a true Roman) and part Iranian, Alessandro is both both the nicest and most well dressed man I know in FinTech.  He is the classic networker and matchmaker for companies which is perfect for his role at The Pacemakers.  He is also one of the most active mentors for startups I know in the fintech space.

Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore_The Advocate_Episode 51

Take five minutes to talk financial services with Kathleen and you to will become enthusiastic about improving the financial lives of your customer.  Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, or KPG to her friends, is exactly what one would want in a customer advocate.  She has made it her mission to focus on consumers and look for ways to both educate and make it easier for them to manage their finances.  She continuously pounds-the-drums on this topic in her role as VP & GM Credit Americas for PayPal.

Her FemTechLeaders interview:

Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore

David Brear_The Nick Fury of FinTech_Episode 50

If you haven’t heard of 11:FS, the consultancy / media group founded by David Brear, then you simply aren’t paying attention.  David has assembled a remarkable and talented team for the new company including Simon Taylor and Jason Bates based out of Level 39 in London.

David’s CV speaks for itself.  His past roles include Global Director for Digital at Garner, and multiple leadership roles at Lloyds, HBOS, and Aviva.  But most importantly, Dave’s home office in Norwich rivals my own when in comes to comic book memorabilia.  And he rocks a mean beard.

BTW – Nick Fury is Samuel L. Jackson’s role in “The Avengers” movies.  He put the team together.

Liz Lumley_Tech Rainmaker_Episode 49

Sting once had a hit song titled “An Englishman in New York”.  Liz is an “American in London”.  And, unlike many Yanks, I’m sure her fellow Londoner’s are thankful for her presence.  Liz is the Managing Director at Rainmaking.  And what is Rainmaking you ask?  Listen to the podcast and find out!

Liz is also an outspoken advocate for women in technology which I personally am very thankful for.  If you are ever at a conference and you see Liz on the agenda as a speaker or panelist – make sure you go hear her.  She is 1) hilarious, 2) very, very smart, 3) well connected / networked, and 4) did I mention she is hilarious?